Vision Dual Pitched RV Awning

Vision Dual Pitched RV Awning by Girard Systems Vision RV Awning shown extended from roof mount on coach Vision Awning shown on Tiffin motorhome Closeup view of the lead rail on the dual pitched awning Vision awning cutaway showing mounting brackets

The Vision RV Awning consists of a Mechanical System and Electronic Controls

1. Mechanical system – consisting of:

  • The enclosure (or cassette) protects the awning while closed.
  • The roller tube which is mounted within the cassette.
  • The top cover or fabric rolled onto the roller tube and connected to the lead rail that extends from the enclosure when the awning is opened.
  • The folding arms that supports the lead rail and the fabric.
  • The tubular motor which is mounted inside of the roller tube that controls the extension and retraction of the awning.

2. Electronic controls – to power and operate the motor:

G-Links Electronics Kit: 98GCK-18

  • 98GC136 – 110V Motor controller
  • 98GC779G – 12V Motion Sensor
  • 98GC230 – 2 Channel, wireless wall switch.
  • 98GC105A – 5 Channel, wireless handheld remote.

Please refer to the 98GCK-18 instructions/ programming guide with any questions regarding these electronic components.

Vision RV Awning by Girard Systems®

The Girard low-profile Vision awning is dual pitched with a maximum pitch allowing it to extend over the slide-out, then pitches again for maximum shade. Our shade protection products provide protection from the sun at a touch of a button. The Vision awning is built to your specifications with the highest quality materials available. Every Girard awning is produced with the highest quality components, to ensure the greatest product durability. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal! 

Dual Pitched Vision Awning Features

  • A standard motor that operates with a wireless motor controller or a wireless motor that operates with an integrated motor control.
  • Motion Sensor that will retract the awning to prevent damage from the wind.
  • A hand held Remote Control
  • A wall mounted Remote Switch
  • Compatible with G-Link Electronics 
  • Available in sizes from 14’ to 20’
  • Black Cassette with O’Bravia fabric 
  • Vision Awning Options Include: 
    • Electronic automation controls to ensure proper closing at all times
    • A control to retract all awnings when the vehicles’ motor is started.
    • LED lights in lead rail