Tire Shades

Tire Shades Tire Shades Tire Shades Tire Shades


Automatic Remote Control
Weather Proof
Small Cassette
Solar Power
Lightweight Aluminum
Tubular Motor
Rechargeable Motor Included
Sunbrella Fabric
Powder Coated Black Color
Optional Polished Aluminum
Convenient Carrying Bag

Tire Safety Guidelines

1. Cover: Keep your RV's tires covered to protect from UV rays.
2. Clean: Dirt can inhibit the natural wax protection achieved through normal tire flexing.
3. Inspect: Regular inspection will reveal signs of deterioration.
4. Inflate: Maintain pressure according to manufacturer's recommendations. Be aware that pressure posted is maximum. 
5. Preserve: Regularly apply a manufacturer recommended preservative to all surface areas of each tire.

The correct air pressure will help keep your tires' temperature down within the serviceable range. The key here is using the correct inflation pressure. Based on a tire safety report at Consumer Reports and a number of industry surveys, most tires are not inflated correctly. Those that are under-inflated are typically the result of no or infrequent pressure checks. However, some consumers go the other way when they over-inflate their tires using the sidewall rating—that's the maximum pressure and the not service pressure as defined by the vehicle manufacturer, which is typically listed on the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 110, “Tire Selection and Rims” placard. Be sure to check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website NHTSA.gov/recalls for recalls.

Temperature Letter

This letter indicates a tire's resistance to heat. The temperature grade is for a tire that is inflated properly and not overloaded. Excessive speed, underinflation or excessive loading, either separately or in combination, can cause heat build-up and possible tire failure. From highest to lowest, a tire's resistance to heat is graded as "A", "B", or "C".

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Product Brochures and Documents:

Girard Guard™ Tire Shades

The New Standard for Tire Protection

Girard Guard Tire Shades provide protection from the sun, keeping your tires cool for longer life and extended tire safety. Our innovative tire shades are weather proof, use Sunbrella fabrics and are operated by a convenient hand-held remote control. The small cassette design is powder coated in black, and comes in an optional polished aluminum. The lightweight aluminum construction houses Girard's tubular motor, and operates smoothly allowing you to lower and raise the shades quickly and easily. Rechargeable motor included, along with a convenient carrying bag.

Extend the Life of Your Tires

Ultraviolet light (UV), is produced by the sun and travels in the air as solar radiation. An invisible light, UV is harmful to all rubber, plastics, and fiberglass, all of which are common to RVs. The effect of unprotected UV exposure on rubber causes cracking, discoloration and lack of physical mechanical properties. Ultraviolet rays, when combined with time, will destroy your tires while they sitting idle.  The sun weakens the rubber and makes it brittle. That means that the tires become unable to flex as the wheel turns and flexes under load. You won't necessarily see tire damage and in fact they may look brand new with good tread and no signs of cracks or dry rot. But, RV tires can deteriorate with no outward change in appearance. The stress on the deteriorated tire will occur when traveling on the highway as heat builds up. If you are parked in one location for an extended period, or haven't taken your motorhome out for a couple of years, stop and check the tires looking for cracking and weather-checking along each sidewall, hourly on your trip. If you see these signs, you need to replace them before a catasrophic, explosive blowout occurs.

Hot weather exacerbates heat build-up and weakens the tire, potentially leading to abrupt and sometime catastrophic failure. On a hot 90-degree day surface temperatures easily exceed 150-degrees. Think about what your tires are experiencing while you're enjoying the drive in a cool air-conditioned coach. 

You can greatly extend the life of your tires with a little preventative care. Of course, the best option would be to store your RV in a garage whenever it's possible. There are tire cleaners and tire care products that will help protect your tires as well. The best way to protect your tires is to simply block out the rays of the sun. Whether boondocking in Arizona or enjoying extended stays in Florida, or even when staying at your favorite spot in Minnesota, solar radiation is present.

Protect Your Tires from Sun and Heat with Girard Guard™ Tire Shades