Specialty Vehicle Awnings

Specialty Vehicle Awnings Specialty Vehicle Awnings Specialty Vehicle Awnings Specialty Vehicle Awnings Specialty Vehicle Awnings Specialty Vehicle Awnings Specialty Vehicle Awnings G-2000 Lateral Arm Awning by Girard Systems Girard Systems G-2000 Motorized Lateral Arm Awning on Specialty Vehicle

Girard® Specialty Vehicle Awnings Are Ideal For Many Types of Service Vehicles:


Public Response Vehicles

Emergency Vehicles
Fire Departments
Police Command Units
Rescue and Disaster Response Vehicles
Emergency Medical Response Units
Emergecy Response Command Vehicles

Public Service Vehicles

Health Care Providers
Blood Drive Vehicles
Mobile Library Vehicles

Private Promotional Vehicles

Mobile Showrooms
Movie Trailers
Specialty Vans and Trucks
Direct Sales
Promotional Vehicles
Mobile Restaurants - Food Trucks
Beverage Promtional Vehicles

Private Service Vehicles

Catering Vehicles
Racing Trailers
Horse Trailers
Service Vehicles

Specialty Vehicle Awnings

Girard Systems® Specialty Awnings:

Nova and G-2000 Girard Systems® Awnings are commonly installed on specialty vehicles. GG-750 awnings are used over rear entrance/exit doors and ramps. 

Specialty Vehicle Awnings add Style and Comfort to any Vehicle.

Girard® Vehicle Awnings get put to work in all kinds of settings offering shade protection. If your Specialty or Service Vehicle(s) need awnings to protect your employees on the job (OSHA requirements), and/or need a company logo silk screened onto your Specialty Vehicle Awning's fabric, please contact us for more details.

Specially designed Class A motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth wheels are often used to house equipment, service areas and electronics to provides services where they are needed most, at the scene of an event, crisis or special community need. When those being served need to occupy the outdoor space where regsitration, and interaction with team members takes place, protection from the sun is essential. The Girard® Group is especially proud of our awning products that provide shade protection in these situations. If your organization, company or business is considering a replacement awning or an upgrade, please consider providing those you serve as well as those who serve them with the finest protection available.

** Manual operation available on most models & sizes.