GSWH-1 M Tankless Water Heater

GSWH-1M by Girard Products

Usable Hot Water Temperatures

  • Temperature Rise – The Girard Water Heater will raise the incoming water temperature 40 – 60 degrees based on the water flow rate.
  • An important note - A person’s hand can withstand a higher temperature than the rest of their body. Remember you never test a baby’s bottle with your hand; you use your arm to ensure it is not too hot.
  • Shower/bath water temperature varies between 98 – 103 degrees. Please note that a hot tub/spa is usually 103 – 106 degrees.
  • Dish water temperature may vary anywhere from 100 – 110 degrees depending on the user’s (hands) tolerance to heat.
  • Newer model washing machines feature a hot water temperature control that limits the hot water temperature to approximately 110 to 115 degrees.
  • On the “tank” model water heater to ensure a sufficient supply of usable hot water, the user has to be careful not to use up all the “stored” hot water supply. If they do the tank model water heater has a recovery time of 20 minutes or more.
  • On the GSWH-1 “Tankless” Water Heater the user’s only limitation of usable hot water supply is their supply of fresh water, LP gas and 12V power.

Designed for RV's this product is ideal for your needs as you pursue the RV lifestyle, eliminating wait time between showers, doing the dishes, laundry and more. Enhance your recreation experience with Girard® Group products today!

GSWH-1M is our 2nd generation Tankless RV Water Heater.

The GSWH-1M is no longer available for purchase. This information contained here is for documentation purposes for owners and service centers.This RV Water Heater by Girard® Products provides endless hot water and is easy to operate. The Girard® Products model GSWH-1M improves on our first generation features. This is a new design is specifically for Recreation Vehicles (RV) resulting in no wait time between showers, laundry, dishes and other important needs RVer's have when traveling, camping and going off grid. We have responded to our customer base in great efforts to meet their needs. Girard Products believes customer needs are our 1st priority and we work hard to keep you satisfied!

The Girard® Products model GSWH-1M

A main feature of the GSWH-1M is a Dual BTU burner, which is set by the Mode Switch to either HIGH (34,000 TUs) or LOW (27,000 BTUs). The incoming water temperature will raise 40°- 60° (F) based on water flow. A tankless water heater heats water while it is being used i.e., on demand. The output temperature of the water depends on the temperature of the inlet water AND the amount of hot water that is drawn.

How it Works

On the Girard Tankless Water Heater the user turns on only the hot water (open to a normal flow) and then gradually adjusts the flow to achieve the desire temperature (usable hot water). INCREASE the low to LOWER the temperature and DECREASE the flow to RAISE the temperature. DO NOT TURN ON THE COLD WATER. The MODE switch should be set on HIGH. Be sure to read the Operating Instructions in the OWNER’S MANUAL before operating the Girard Tankless Water Heater. Simply turn on the hot water and add cold water to the desired temperature.