G-2085 Awning

G-2085 Awning G-2085 Awning

G-2085 Original RV Awning Video

G-2085 Features:

  • Girard patented G-2085 window awning provides the greatest sun protection.
  • The G-2085 can be customized to operate with either 110v, 220v, or 12v motor.
  • The G-2085 can be operated by either hard wired switch or a G-LINK hand held remote control/remote wall switch.
  • Custom sizes are available in 1” increments.
  • The durable powder coated aluminum frame closure prevents the fabric from billowing while in transit, and protects the fabric from the elements while not in use.
  • The G-2085 has a 2 year Limited Warranty to the original OEM/Installer. All our Girard Awnings can be operated with our New Generation of G-LINK Awing Electronics.

 G-2085 Specifications:

Lengths: Minimum 28” to 156”
Frame Dimensions: 3.12” X 4.5”
Technology: Automatic awning retraction is available and operated with our New Generation of G-LINK Awning Electronics.
Fabrics: 100% woven acrylic with large selection of colors by Sunbrella (our preferred fabric manufacturer). Fabrics Girard Systems uses only the highest quality Acrylic Fabrics. Select from hundreds of fabric colors to complete the perfect look.
Operation: Can be operated using a wireless remotes or wireless wall switch.

The G-2085 RV Window Awning

The G-2085 window awning is easily operated and provides superior tension to keep fabric taut & smooth. A completely enclosed frame fits every type of installation, resulting in a small frame footprint, and sleek design.  A completely enclosed cassette fits every type of installation, resulting in a small frame footprint, and sleek design. The frame is made of corrosion-resistant, powder-coated extruded aluminum with components made of stainless steel and is available in white or black. The frame can be custom powder coated upon request. 

Every Girard awning is produced with the highest quality components, to ensure the greatest product durability. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal!  

G-2085 Standard Equipment:

Acrylic Fabric (Sunbrella)
Girard Motor