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Mushroom Risotto - Fantastic Side Dish

Mushroom Risotto. Fine dining doesn't have to be just for special occasions. You can prepare the best dishes in your RV and entertain family and friends . . . read more.

French Onion Chicken - Easy & Delicious

This dish will awe any friends and family, including yourself! Sweet caramelized onions with tender chicken, braised until moist and delicious? What’s not to love! read more.

Garlic Asparagus - The Perfect Side Dish

Sometimes all you need while dining in your RV is a super simple, easy side to go with an amazing meal. Asparagus is a great vegetable to pair with anything—chicken, beef, shrimp, fish, pork . . read more.

Prepare in Advance for an RV Fine Dining Experience

Essentials to prepare in advance for excellent fine dining in your Coach. Save steps and enjoy the best recipes . . . read more.

Your Whole Meal--Salmon Dinner

Sometimes a lighter meal is nice, especially when it’s hot out. Seafood is always a winner on hotter days, refreshing and light. read more.

Prepping Ahead--Chili Spice Mix and Marinade

Spice mixes are a nice thing to make in bulk and have ready whenever you need them, especially ones that are very versatile. This chili spice mix is mild and can be used for a number of things, including the tasty marinade below! read more.

Hearty Beef and Mushroom Stew | Comfort Foods

This is one you can prep the night before and start in the morning so by the time dinner comes around, you have a delicious, hot meal, perfect for a chilly fall evening or cold winter night! read more.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes Baked with Praline | Side Dishes

Who doesn’t love sweet potatoes or yams, especially with a sweet, crunchy praline topping? This dish is a perfect side for any fall or winter occasion. Remember, you can always sub out the pecans in the praline topping for almonds if someone has a tree nut allergy! read more.

Thanksgiving Day Menu

Invite your friends and family to join you in your Thanksgiving festivities! Follow this simple menu and the recipes found on Girard’s website and you will surely impress everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! read more.

Turkey 101 | Thanksgiving Recipes | Main Courses

Thanksgiving is a major meal and a major holiday. No Thanksgiving would be complete without the star - THE TURKEY! Here are some simple tips and directions for a fabulous Thanksgiving Turkey! read more.