Legacy of Girard Systems

About Girard Systems

Girard Systems has been a custom awning manufacturer for the RV and Specialty Vehicle Industry since 1996. We create automatic patio awnings, door awnings, window awnings, and slide awnings. Our 20+ years of industry experience has allowed us to be the first company in the RV industry to introduce motorized lateral arm awnings. Our management team and product engineers are constantly working to provide the latest and greatest innovative shade and electronic control products that add to our Girard Systems branded line of custom manufactured awnings. We are known for having innovative product designs, superior quality, and first class rated customer service. Girard RV awnings combined with cutting edge electronic technology puts our products at the top of their class. Our customers know they are getting the best quality and service in the industry today!

The Girard Systems Advantage

  • We have been in the business of keeping our customers cool through our awning and shade products for over 20+ years.
  • Girard Systems pioneered automatic lateral arm retractable awnings. We were the first to establish the market.
  • We created all of the engineering specifications used to install awnings on recreational and specialty vehicles.
  • Each Girard awning is custom made (per inch) to your order within two weeks of us receiving and accepting your order.
  • Girard awnings include patio, door, window, and slide awnings all in an enclosed cassette for a very modern and streamlined look.
  • Controls and motors are offered in 220v,110v, or 12v DC configurations, making them compatible for all vehicles in any country.

Benefits of Girard Awnings

  • Girard Systems maintains the highest level of customer service to manufacturers, dealers and retail customers.
  • We have trained technicians across the country for your warranty and repair needs.
  • As a customer of Girard Systems, you will have unprecedented access to our engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and management staff to assist you when the need arises.
  • Girard Systems provides a Two Year Limited Warranty to the original manufacturer/installer.
  • No other awning manufacturer offers better quality or service in the RV and Specialty Vehicle industry.
  • Girard Systems attends most major recreational vehicle rallies to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Girard Awning Video