Awning Maintenance

Cleaning Your Awning

Brush off surface dirt.
Hose down the fabric.
Prepare soap mixture in a clean bucket.
Dunk a clean, soft bristle brush into the mixture.
Use sweeping motions to clean the awning.
Allow soap to soak in and capture dirt.
Rinse thoroughly to remove all residues.
Note: Fabrics must be air dried only. Pressing, steaming or machine drying will shrink awning fabric.

Stain Solutions

Fruit stains: liquid detergent/ ammonia 3-6% water (per gallon)
Grease (automotive): volatile solvent (acetone)
Iron rust: oxalic or citric acids, water
Mildew: 1/2 C bleach + 1/4 C natural soap per gallon of water
Oil: liquid detergent, water
Paint (latex), wet: paint/ oil/ grease remover
Paint (latex), dry: paint/ oil/ grease remover
Tree sap: turpentine, liquid detergent


100% Acrylic Fabric Care Guidelines

~ Use only mild soap (no harsh chemicals or detergent)
~ Use only cold to lukewarm water (not hot water)
~ Air dry only (to prevent shrinkage and damage)